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Kasumigaura Aquarium

 Last weekend, I visited Kasumigaura Aquarium for the first time in 14 years. I remember its admission was so economical, and it's still very cheap. 330 yen for an adult! (cash only) The catfish statues welcome visitors. The lakeside playfield had been renovated; there wasn't a slide on my previous visit in 2008. I took some videos of the fish there to follow the aquarium rules. 4 out of 5 pictures in this entry are created from my videos.

Microsoft Account Conflicts

 Last weekend, I took an exam online for my distance learning. As usual, I logged in to the student's room on my university website and downloaded the test paper and the answer sheet. The answer sheet was a Microsoft word document, so I started writing my statement and clicked the save button AS USUAL. The next day, I got a phone call from university staff, who noticed my test answer was invalid. I studied what caused this failure and assumed that my personal Microsoft account and student Microsoft account haven't been compatible since this month. This is a message when I log onto the student page to join an online class. I used my personal Microsoft account and was rejected from the online classroom. I will need to use my university Microsoft account to work on my papers from this year instead of my personal ones. Do I need drastic changes to my Microsoft account settings?