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Building a Smart Home Network

 Last summer, I bought a SwitchBot thermometer and a SwitchBot Hub mini, converting Bluetooth and infrared signals to WiFi. I've been yearning to check my room temperature via Amazon Alexa, but for the first few months, I hadn't connected my thermometer to WiFi and synched with my Alexa network. SwitchBot thermometers are excellent without a WiFi connection. I set up my first intelligent appliances network with my Amazon Echo and SwitchBot series because I will need this knowledge shortly. At first, I was a bit annoyed when connecting my SwitchBot Hub mini to the WiFi; it accepts only WPA2-encrypted 2.4GHz WiFi. Even though I put my iPhone with SwitchBot controlling app, my Hub mini, and my thermometer around the AP, it took me several minutes to configure the WiFi network. In the past, AP ads said that 5GHz WiFi is faster than 2.4GHz WiFi, which I doubt is true. Now I understand that 5GHz WiFi is for computers (gadgets with CPU and RAM) and 2.4GHz WiFi is for appliances such a

A Chilly Rainy Day

 I hate rainy days, which often make me lazy. According to studies, low pressure affects human brains. Some people suffer from headaches or dizziness on rainy days. Today, I'm OK so far but less productive. It's not only rainy but also chilly; winter is approaching.

Windows Update

My son, my daughters, and I use Windows 11, which has been updated to 22H2. My husband also has a Windows laptop, but I don't know which OS he's using. Last week, I found a security alert on my desktop and shortly applied the updates. At that time, I saw another security alert that told me to change my settings to activate the new motherboard driver. I managed to change the settings on my desktop, applied the new motherboard patch, and completed updating my desktop, but at the same time, I recognized that updating OS makes users very anxious. This time, I tried outsourcing my youngest daughter's Windows desktop maintenance. It's a self-built one with an intel 9th generation CPU and chipset; I thought it tougher to update it by myself. Motherboards with intel 8th generation or 9th generation chipsets need firmware updates before installing Windows 11, which scares me a lot! I sent it to the mechanic's place yesterday; it will be updated this weekend. I needed to draw

Blogging in Japanese

 I wrote in my Japanese blog for the first time in ten weeks. It's big fun for me to write blog entries, but I didn't even log onto my blogs last month. In my latest entry in Japanese, I wrote about my youngest daughter's battle with COVID-19. She is the first person in my family who came down with it; I cared for her without seeing each other while she had symptoms. It is said that we will be suffering not only from COVID but also influenza, which makes me worried!

Test ver.3

I tried to embed my Instagram pics in the sidebar, but I gave up. I posted the link to one of my pics, but the picture didn't come up. An embedding code should be pasted in the post instead.   この投稿をInstagramで見る しば(@shibashouse0207)がシェアした投稿

Test ver.2

 An entry with photos:  I've played Animal Crossing for more than two years. Benedict is my favorite villager.

Test (completed!)

 It took some time to connect my custom domain to this blog; I understood why the Blogger admin page recommends purchasing an external domain from Google.  I managed to connect it. I wrote two test entries: one was a text entry, and the other had a shared social media post. When I found an alert from Google indicating that my entry with a Tumblr post may have a security issue, I was highly surprised, even though I embedded my own Tumblr post.

Recent Blog Writing Trends

 My last entry on Tumblr:

Test (incomplete)

I started creating my new blog, and I'm struggling to connect it to my custom domain. The admin page says my blog has been successfully connected to the external domain, but I still see a security alert that hides my entry.