Windows Update

My son, my daughters, and I use Windows 11, which has been updated to 22H2.
My husband also has a Windows laptop, but I need to know which OS he's using.

Last week, I found a security alert on my desktop and shortly applied the updates.
At that time, I saw another security alert that told me to change my settings to activate the new motherboard driver.
I managed to change the settings on my desktop, applied the new motherboard patch, and completed updating my desktop, but at the same time, I recognized that updating OS makes users very anxious.

This time, I tried outsourcing my youngest daughter's Windows desktop maintenance.

It's a self-built one with an intel 9th generation CPU and chipset; I thought it tougher to update it myself.

Motherboards with Intel 8th generation or 9th generation chipsets need firmware updates before installing Windows 11, which really scares me!
I sent it to the mechanic's place yesterday; it will be updated this weekend.
I needed to draw the diagram of my youngest daughter's place for this maintenance, but I don't mind it, or rather, I enjoyed it.


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