Kasumigaura Aquarium

 Last weekend, I visited Kasumigaura Aquarium for the first time in 14 years. I remember its admission was so economical, and it's still very cheap. 330 yen for an adult! (cash only) The catfish statues welcome visitors. The lakeside playfield had been renovated; there wasn't a slide on my previous visit in 2008. I took some videos of the fish there to follow the aquarium rules. 4 out of 5 pictures in this entry are created from my videos.

Microsoft Account Conflicts

 Last weekend, I took an exam online for my distance learning. As usual, I logged in to the student's room on my university website and downloaded the test paper and the answer sheet. The answer sheet was a Microsoft word document, so I started writing my statement and clicked the save button AS USUAL. The next day, I got a phone call from university staff, who noticed my test answer was invalid. I studied what caused this failure and assumed that my personal Microsoft account and student Microsoft account haven't been compatible since this month. This is a message when I log onto the student page to join an online class. I used my personal Microsoft account and was rejected from the online classroom. I will need to use my university Microsoft account to work on my papers from this year instead of my personal ones. Do I need drastic changes to my Microsoft account settings?

Unhappy New Year?

The sky was clear. I was already up from 4:30 am. I walked to a nearby hill to take photos of the first sunrise this year, but my camera didn't work at the high time! I used my iPhone to shoot the rising sun, though.

Instagram Post Forwarding Test

Is it possible, technically? Is it permitted because Twitter prohibited forwarding Instagram posts recently? Caution!  It's just a screenshot.

Quiet Xmas

 I'm listening to the radio show named "Radio Charity Music-son." I knew it three years ago. My youngest daughter was the first person who enjoyed it because her favorite musician SixTONES is on that radio show. I also have become into it, and this year it tells me that Christmas has come. I may have gotten used to Christmas without parties or sales due to the COVID pandemic.  I won't regret it if face-to-face parties are banned at Christmas forever; Christmas without parties helps save money!

Building a Smart Home Network

 Last summer, I bought a SwitchBot thermometer and a SwitchBot Hub mini, converting Bluetooth and infrared signals to WiFi. I've been yearning to check my room temperature via Amazon Alexa, but for the first few months, I hadn't connected my thermometer to WiFi and synched with my Alexa network. SwitchBot thermometers are excellent without a WiFi connection. I set up my first intelligent appliances network with my Amazon Echo and SwitchBot series because I will need this knowledge shortly. At first, I was a bit annoyed when connecting my SwitchBot Hub mini to the WiFi; it accepts only WPA2-encrypted 2.4GHz WiFi. Even though I put my iPhone with SwitchBot controlling app, my Hub mini, and my thermometer around the AP, it took me several minutes to configure the WiFi network. In the past, AP ads said that 5GHz WiFi is faster than 2.4GHz WiFi, which I doubt is true. Now I understand that 5GHz WiFi is for computers (gadgets with CPU and RAM) and 2.4GHz WiFi is for appliances such a

A Chilly Rainy Day

 I hate rainy days, which often make me lazy. According to studies, low pressure affects human brains. Some people suffer from headaches or dizziness on rainy days. Today, I'm OK so far but less productive. It's not only rainy but also chilly; winter is approaching.