Farewell to ACNH

 Today, I deleted my island on Animal Crossing: New Horizon, which was given to me by my daughters in May 2020.
My daughters started it earlier than me, but they had got tired of it much earlier.
December 2021 was the last that we played ACNH together.
Since 2022, my daughters have been away from it and I occasionally played it on my villagers' birthdays or a couple of big events like Halloween, Christmas, etc.

I liked to make my room on ACNH realistic; my daughters used to say, "It's so funny I rarely clean the house but make neat rooms on ACNH."

Birthday Party Online

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, ACNH was not only a video game but also a secret chat room without leaving session cookies on the Internet.
Throwing my birthday party with my daughters on ACNH is a great memory even now.

When we communicate online with our computers or smartphones, our communication logs are produced on a database, which might be watched by crackers sometimes.
Compared to computers or smartphones, communication logs on Nintendo Switches are more confidential because ACNH accepts eight people at the maximum and Nintendo Switch has a different OS from computers or smartphone apps.

Fireworks Festival Online

Another good memory when playing ACNH was fireworks festivals held on Sundays in August.
The picture above was taken on April 1st, 2021; most fireworks festivals in Japan were canceled or held without spectators, so watching fireworks on my Nintendo Switch was a perfect alternative for me then.

Why I Deleted My Island

ACNH is not just a cute video game; it requires players' social skills to fully enjoy it.
Players should talk to all villagers each day and keep their islands clean.
They should sometimes do errands for their villagers, too; villagers get upset with players if they skip errands from villagers.
Two days ago, I was asked to deliver an apology gift from a villager, and I accidentally forgot it.
It saddened me to see the apology gift I must have delivered two days ago changed to a mystery item, which means the client villager got upset with me.
Although it's only a video game, I really got down; in other words, I felt as if I'd made a grave mistake at work.

I want to have fun playing video games, so I chose to stop playing ACNH for a while to keep my cool.


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